søndag den 17. august 2008


there are about a million things I want to write about right now, having had a small "moving to another country and going to a brilliant festival and having a vacation at our family cabin without internet" break.

I have not yet settled in the new country (sweden), but I have moved from the previous one (denmark).

In the meantime, at my cabin (norway), I tried making some sort of an attempt at something that could resemble that of a music video. as I joyfully received the news about the existence of a brilliant covervideo of one of my songs, I realized that I had made no previous attempts at making such a thing myself. I had long been planning it inside, but it never got caught on tape.. What I made doesn't resemble what I had planned in my mind beforehand, and it is not even one of the best takes, but I get bored easily and suck at editing. so here it is. with all its faults and lacking 30 seconds inside that I have not the slightest idea about what happened to.

next up is my tale of the brilliance that was the øyafestival, and also of course a post containing the cover that was made of this song of mine, I recognized us.

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nu nu attitude sagde ...

jeg la den ut på vimeo istedet


for det var så tacky med den poker-reklamen som dukket opp med megavideo.