søndag den 14. september 2008

bloody moviedays and alice in wonderland

yesterday I watched paranoid park. cinematographically very beautiful, and with a good story to tell. great acting from such young actors and also some very nice shot skating scenes. gus van sant understands young kids and the way they think. elephant might have left a stronger impression because of all the true stories it was based on. but someone mentioned today that paranoid park was kind of based on a real event too. not sure if that is true though.. whether it happened or not, it is a situation that of course could happen to anyone, which makes it an interesting view to see how the young kid deals with it. basically it is a movie about teens, skating and a murder.


and today I watched sweeney todd. because a friend of mine walked out of this while he was watching it, and we normally have quite similar tastes in movies, I was not expecting to like it all that much. expectations were low.. but I liked it! not half as much as I like all the other tim burton/johnny depp movies, but it was quite okey, and it did not have such an expected outcome as one originally thought.

working the google on the internetmachine, I found that tim burton is making a version of alice in wonderland with johnny depp (rumours say) as the mad hatter. oh hoorray! I hope it is true!

in the meantime here is the first part from another version of alice (Neco z Alenky) by Jan Svankmajer. I first saw this film when working in the videostore in 2005. before that I dont think I actually liked stop motion pictures all that much. but this one is quite a treat!

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