onsdag den 14. januar 2009

strangely interesting : Les Chansons d'Amour (2007)

basically you should just watch it without knowing too much. thats what I did.
I was laughing out loud of surprisement when they suddenly started singing. I am normally not that into musicals in realistic settings, but this one is just simply so great. it touches on several different filmmakingtricks that one doesnt see all that often in movies nowadays. extremely experimental in more than one sense. me and my flatmate were wondering how it must have felt during filming. because the strangeness of all the different parts could not always have made the actors sure of the greatness that were to come out of it.

a couple of pictures that might want to make you watch it.

right now I am listening to the soundtrack, singing along.

and then to give you a sense of the surrealistic beauty of it have a look at these two (music)videos. singing + gay sex will always, always intrigue me.

oh. the whole movie is actually on youtube, but not embeddable. here is the link to the first part of it.

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