mandag den 2. februar 2009

missing & reminiscing

my friends like pearls in a row

Emma <3 the cutest girl I know of and also the greatest talent. Emma and I will make the greatest movies together some day.

Hannes: one half of my favourite couple of all times. I miss them both so goddamnit much. other than climbing the staircase of fashion, hannes will one day become the greatest novelist to have come out of sweden. hannes has magicness in his head/pen.

Kasper looking hot here.

Erik, which means he didnt go back to Marangoni and Milano.


I was once on it too. Not my favourite picture of me but what the heck.

2 kommentarer:

Martine Marbel sagde ...

du er søt, jann :)

MIS sagde ...

eeeeiihj fandt lige det her. søde jannicke - DU er den skønneste og i morges vågnede jeg op og savnede dig forfærdeligt. det var helt skørt.