torsdag den 16. april 2009

mister lonely

ikke bare er dette den vakreste filmen jeg har sett på lenge
jeg kunne godt tenke meg å gifte meg med diego luna også
det hadde vært helt greit for meg det

filmscript available from nieves

3 kommentarer:

Alisa sagde ...

one of my all-time favourites

the nuns jumping from airplanes, wow

jannicke sagde ...

yes it is such an amazing movie!
I am writing a thesis on it in school these days.
I was a little bit nervous since that means picking it in to tiny tiny pieces and really study it,
and sometimes that could lead to getting tired of it
or loose the fascination

but it just keeps on growing on me.

I sing the song hangman, hangman all the time to my little nephew (that sounds a bit grotesque maybe but the melody is so incredible and he likes it a lot), and this movie has such a huge affect on my everyday life.

Anita sagde ...

what do you study ?

sounds so interesting!