lørdag den 5. juni 2010

I can't be a boyfriend but I promise to be a considerate one-night stand.

I don't know how to do this so I'll be upfront.
I'm kind of worthless right now, due to circumstance,
As anything more than a person just to sleep with.
I can't be a boyfriend but I promise to be a considerate one-night stand.
Well, I said that once and it really didn't work
Even though I meant it but I guess I don't really know anyone who wants to hear that.
Well, maybe, I don't really mean it
'Cause I like people too much
Even if what I have to offer is not really enough or anything more than
You say you don't care
Your needs are pretty much the same.
You really don't want to date.
You really just want to hang out.
You two don't get attached
And I just can't either.
Okay great but it seems too good and I feel a need to reassert that the, uh, you know, my batteries are drained
And goods are damaged, mine, I'm in need of that and that.
Maybe this whole thing I did was naive and hurtful to approach you but
It really seems like you're not tripping but then
I start seeing stuff that's kind of not even there.
I'm bugging out, like,
Hey, what's up?
Um, I know it's casual but, uh,
Are you screwing my friend?
Um, wait, I guess it's all okay, we're all friends and, so, uh, you know,
We're all just friends
But if you two are doing it, I wonder, like,
Is he asking the same?
I'm sorry, though. It's really none of my business. You could d- oh, you're not even doing that?
Okay, no, you wouldn't. I'm sorry. Nevermind. Um, okay, uh.

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