søndag den 31. maj 2009

I won

best actress at the filmfestival up here in the north of sweden.

I am so happy! Imagine the happiest possible for someone to be, and that is where I am at right now. my god.

I was also more nervous than I've ever been before when I got to the stage, shaking like an aspleaf. and afterwards I felt like puking (but I didnt).

what a rush!!!

now I have to finish my assignment. I hope I can focus.

have a lovely sunday!

A magazine

can now be read on the internet

HAH. and then I wanted to click it again to see if I had the right address, it didnt work! I guess I got a sneakpreview! I even got to read parts of the magazine before they took it down.. Ok, so we can look forward to June 15. then. Until then follow them on twitter.

fredag den 29. maj 2009

I had promised myself

not to do this
but I am now on twitter..

I feel strongly ambivalently towards this.

the only one twittering last night was Mary Kate Olsen
and she had the following to report:

i think this heres the best caine i ever did smell 1:04 AM May 27th from web ... Read More

my caine smells numby 1:09 AM May 27th from web

my bones feels mushy about 11 hours ago from web

oh my achin' poon... about 11 hours ago from web

...poon ache... about 11 hours ago from web

my bones feel mushier the more i mush them about 11 hours ago from web

woooooooooooaaaaah i can see my finger through my arm skin about 11 hours ago from web

working on new fashion concept for liz&james line using tampon & string as fringe. very high concept avant guarde you know... @yokoonoabout 9 hours ago from web

why is fart smell good to me? because it smell of food about 9 hours ago from web

I feel very confused as to why I want to know this.

torsdag den 28. maj 2009

looking forward to it!

YOUNG MAN FALLING TRAILER from martin de thurah on Vimeo.

and I am looking forward to this shortfilm called slitage by patrick eklund that won in cannes.

what makes pistachio nuts?*

these guys showed up in the mail today.
ordered them from nieves some weeks ago.
could actually nearly be a month since I ordered
but worth the wait!

it is the harmony korines book of photographies called pigxote
and the manuscript for mister lonely (that I needed for my assignment I am handing in on monday morning) one tiny issue though. the manuscript doesnt resemble the film that much. I havent read that many scripts and I know Harmony works a lot with improvisation, problem is, can the script then be basis for my analysis or do I only have to use what he used in the film? tricky question. I am guessing what is inside the movie is the most important.

*the title of this blogpost is the name of a script that got lost in one of Korines housefires. Pistachio is the name of a pig that can walk on walls and in ceilings. but the script got lost.

onsdag den 27. maj 2009


I saw this movie with my mama a few years back and I remember thinking it was absolutely fantastic. Tomorrow I will watch it again and you should too!

Directed by Mark Dornford-May

Sandra Backlund FW 09/10

Photo: Peter Gehrke /Adamsky
Styling: Naomi Itkes /Link Details
Hair: Peter Andersson /Mikas
Make Up: Kajsa Svanberg /Mikas
Model: Tilda L /Stockholmsgruppen
Art Direction: Sandberg&Timonen
Retouch: Matchmill

tirsdag den 26. maj 2009



directed by Gregory Dark


It's a known fact that Lars Von Trier is manio-depressive and pops antidepressants. And after watching several clips of his new movie, Antichrist, it's pretty clear that they're not working and Thank God for that because If they did; we wouldn't be watching the brutal, harsh and powerful movies that he makes.

Either you love Lars Von Trier's movies or you hate them. I'm a lover. And I can't wait to see his new movie; Anti-Christ.

mandag den 25. maj 2009

new glasses

I might look even more like yoko ono now
(if I ever did)

and sorry about the hands behind the head pose
I have a thing with hands/arms forming geometric shapes

should I?

copy pasting information and pictures from this website

What did they take? - Your Information

What did you give? - Your Information

What are you getting? - FEAR & TREMBLING


They divorced your identity from your consciousness.

A facebook profile page at a moment in time is unresponsive and inanimate.

But you WANT it to be CONCIOUS, you want it to be an accurate reflection of your IDEAL concious identity as it exists in REAL LIFE.

It will be BETTER than the REAL you and the UNREAL others.

And in YOUR struggle to re-unite the two, and animate your identity, you will feed it with information.


BUT you will never bring it back to life. You will never make it better. Nor will the others get better.

Your INFO prayers are SOLD.


Did you fall in love online?

Are you capable of powerful emotions in the real world?

Is that you? Is that an organisation pretending to be you? TO YOU?

Wake up?

my own thoughts on the issue:
have I fallen in love online? yes, as a matter of fact. several times.
in real life? yes that too.
am I aware that people seem nicer on the internet than in real life? yes.
does internet then resemble real life? no
but liking people based on their internetpresence cant be wrong, can it?
they could be great people IRL also. I choose to believe this.

but yes. fb, myspace and the like are identity "thiefs"
and more, the narrative identity.. before fb if someone were to ask, what is your favourite book? it wouldve taken me some time to think it over and answer. now its all built-in and I have readymade answers for such. but its not the books we like or the movies we like or the music we listen to that makes us who we are. or is it? has the internet narrowed it down to such?

identityissues and internetpresence has got me all confused. I wish I could delete facebook, but I think that is utterly impossible for me. IRL-jannicke and web2.0jannicke are merging. they might not be that different from eachother, or at least I dont want them to be. this is a complex issue. I couldnt just delete that part of me, I think.

if we say that our identity are made up of the several roles we play in social settings, then internetjannicke is one of IRLjannickes social roles, (without that meaning that I have a multiple personality disorder. this is again a postmodern theory on identity) which also should make the internet one just as true as the one I am in real life. or at least equally true as any of the other roles I consist of and that make up me.

go ahead, falsify me. I am writing this in a half sleeping state anyway.


Introducing my favorite shop in New York that has the most amazing and interesting books.

buy online or visit the shop:
195 Tenth Avenue, New York, 10011

Один день Ивана Денисовича

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenicyn

Just got this brilliant book with the post today. I can't wait to start reading it but thought I would share it with you guys first.

"The story is set in a Soviet labor camp in the 1950s, and describes a single day of an ordinary prisoner, Ivan Denisovich Shukhov.
It's publication was an extraordinary event in Soviet literary history—never before had an account of "Stalinist repression" been openly distributed."

read more about it here

Bergmanfestival & the act of acting

If only I was in Stockholm right now I would attend this seemingly brilliant festival, the Ingmar Bergman international theatre festival that starts now in a few days. Its filled with new and exciting theatre, film, (of course Bergman stuff) and concerts.

like the spunge I have become when it comes to theatre I would love to be there and suck in all of the expressions coming from the stage.

the festival has these tiny cute commercialvideos like this one

nothing is more appealing to me than the act of acting.
I have found what I want to do in life, yet I am going back to school to finish my last bachelor year in economics. one might wonder why. at least I do.

but in the absolute nearest future at least I get to do what I like.
in about 10 minutes I will leave to go to a studio where I will be recording a monologue for a friend of mine's short film. I am not in the film, just acting with my voice. I am supposed to be the voice of a young girl an old professor has a love affair with. the text is in swedish and very heavy/hard to pronounce and I have not practised at all. I guess I should do that for the next five minutes before I hurry there.



Austrian director Michael Haneke's black and white somber drama "The White Ribbon" claimed the top prize Sunday at the Cannes Film Festival, where Quentin Tarantino and Lars von Trier entries earned the acting honors.

Haneke addressed his wife as he accepted his award, noting that "happiness is very rare."

watch the trailer here



First of all I wan't and need a new macbook. Second of all I need these cases by Pijama; So I can protect it and keep it safe. Just the name "Pijama" makes me feel all comfy inside. Tea and biscuits anyone?

It's ggood.
buy it here babes

søndag den 24. maj 2009



"Les choristes" directed by Christophe Barratier.

beautiful film. I was stunned. I am stunned.


the amazingness of harmony korine

writing an assignment on mister lonely these days has got my head all filled with harmony korine.

what an inspiring artist he is.

on Erica Ascot, simulacra, identity and Harmony Korine

who was Erika Ascot?

ok, so for those of you living outside of sweden, I am not sure how well-known this phenomenon is

and I am not sure I want to reveal it all at once either
so I will go step by step

(for me)
it started with someone adding me on facebook
we had no friends in common,
I checked out his page and saw that he was from umeå

I added him.

I then realized I didnt add him as a limited profile
and that this man was a complete stranger to me
a welldressed stranger but nonetheless

yesterday he had put some images up
I got curious and looked through his albums

the album from last week had some rather morbid pictures
the album started with an invitation to the spreading of erica ascots ashes.
it also said: wear black
then the following pictures were of fashionpeople wearing black with white lillies in their hands walking

I thought to myself ok, interesting (more like goddamn, how strange) to put this on facebook. I guess a funeral also has become an event to share with the world in pictures but it is a tiny bit unusual and strange.
the most peculiar I found were all the fun they seemed to be having afterwards.

I googled her name and came over her blog
the blog of Erica Ascot.
an 18-year old stocholmer
who killed herself

but the text was a bit weird,
and how did her parents or her friends get her login so they could send a last message through her blog?

I started to read through the blog. backwards.

it seemed to be a very depressed girl with an amazing eloquence who had written it
it described her life in stocholm among all of her dresses and shallow life and with a caretaker/aunt whom she deeply despises.

what led me to continue on reading was her choice of words and her strange and romantic obsession with death.

one post was a bit stranger than all the others
and it was the one saying:
Jag ska intervjuas för TV. En underlig känsla. Egentligen vill jag inte. Inte för att jag är nervös, men
för att jag är trött. Jag är trött som om jag levt i tusen år. Vet PRECIS vad de vill. Lyfta upp mig i studioljuset.
Hålla mig mellan tummen och pekfingret som tre dagar gamla sopor.
Plommonvin och skärsår! Är det vad ungdomen behöver för att känna att de lever?
Javisst säger jag, och ler dekadent. En mörklila droppe i mungipan. Det är nya tider nu!
Fast det inte alls är nya tider, utan samma gamla tider som fick Isabella att att dricka växtgift eller
Yasunari att gasa sig. (eller älskade)

and this one
Blek sol nu. Himlen vit som papper, svarta fågelsiluetter. Jag förstår.
Ville bara inte erkänna det, men det är inte jag som skapat det här. JAG är bara himlen där fågelvingarna ritar sina bokstäver. "Jag" är bara pappret där ni skriver.

Tack alla ni som länkat till min sida. Alla ni som blivit mina vänner på Facebook Till och med nu när himlen är nästan svart och alla (utom jag) tycks veta att jag bara är
ett påhitt. Till och med nu kommer ni hit.
Fler och fler tills himlen är nästan mörk av fågelvingar och texten inte längre går att läsa.

that was when I realized that I had seen something on tv some weeks ago.
about a very popular blog that had been revealed as a scam.
that there were two people behind it
who pretended to be a young girl
and I suddenly realized I had fallen for the trap
that I had believed the whole thing
even weeks after everyone else knew it was all madeup

I started reading the comments on "her" blog and discovered that people were mourning the loss of Erica Ascot

even though they knew she wasnt real they didnt care.
they had felt an understanding through her words,
and they were deeply, deeply sorry.

Having read Jean Baudrillards theories on hyperrealism and simulacra that exists in these postmodern times the last few days, I suddenly realized that it is true. The hyperreal is referring to a collapse between the real and simulation. It can no longer be distinguished between, and reality and simulation are therefore existing side by side, and experienced without difference.
John Storey (2006) states, it is not that people cant distinguish between fiction and reality. It is the fact that in some significant ways the distinction has become less and less important..

we dont care whether it is real or not.

I dont care that Erika Ascot was made up.
I loved her phrasing and I wanted to read more
and I mourn over her suicide.
I am sad that I didnt discover her blog before.
I might have felt different about it then
if I had read it for months and months and then suddenly was told it was a pr-stund and she didnt exist.
perhaps it would have felt like a slap in the face.
but I dont think so.
there are two real people behind it with a very high degree of understanding
of a young girls mental problems within a world of pretend
..and with an incredible taste in words put together.

I found this video from the "funeral" and I like the words this very welldressed lady is reading out loud.

Remembering Erika Ascot from pivic on Vimeo.

(my friend on fb is the one spreading her ashes, and the girl next to him is a contact on flickr. I have never met any one of them)

on another but very similar note,
it also somehow fits close to the assignment I am writing about Harmony Korine and his Mister Lonely for school.
Harmony tells a lot of stories about what he has experienced in the years he was not making movies. Among others, he tells a story where he lived with a sect in Peru that worshipped a very special fish. A piano fish. It had been caught like twice in the last century. The fish would sound like a piano when you pressed his fins.They spent whole days looking for it. It could be true. I dont know. Perhaps he was in rehab, and this was the imaginary world he was inside at the time.

When people doubt mr. Korines stories, he replies: "So what? Everything is just stories anyway. It doesn't matter to me if you believe them or not". And in some ways this could be true. Our identity is a narrative identity. It is made up by the stories we tell about ourselves. And even though Erica Ascot was all made up, what difference does that make, really? I still liked her, and I will miss her now that she is gone.



lørdag den 23. maj 2009

this girl is so hot it is amazing

makes me long for my håkonsson (?)
makeup in this colour she has on her lips
one can use it anywhere
but it itches like hell

it is in norway. maybe just as well since it itches so much.
but the colours are divine.

I now have my things in 5 different places
in 3 different countries.

deeply missed : all my shoes and books

two weeks

this has been such an enjoyable watch today.
over and over again.

their eyes, the blinking, the colours, their smiles, the guy who sings with his mouth a little to the side

Two Weeks

torsdag den 21. maj 2009

onsdag den 6. maj 2009

the presets tribute

the best concert I attended last year was when the presets played at øyanatt. it was such a magic evening and never have I danced so hard and sung so loud. simply, it was the most fun I had in ages. if you have the chance to go to one of their concerts you should definitely take that chance. I am really longing for the summer now, and hope it will bring with it more concerts of that kind. here are the videos to some of my favourite presets songs, but my absolute favourite one: beams, I couldnt find the video for (but you should check out that one too in case you havent heard it).


mandag den 4. maj 2009

between hickups


is now out and about / up and running

I am quite proud, cause I never would have thought I could figure it out myself (dreamweaver + getting it up there),
but in the end it worked out fine!

I feel like I can take on the world now!

søndag den 3. maj 2009

patrick wolf / hard times / vulture / prepare to be flabbergasted

"Hard Times" gives us, if you can imagine, an even more theatrical Patrick Wolf. Here he manages to paint a picture for us the clearest he's ever been able, he might as well be standing center stage in a Broadway show delivering some direct monologue to the audience. It is what good theater should be: captivating, over the top, dramatically sitting at the cutting edge. I suppose if you had to imagine where Patrick Wolf would have taken his sound next you might have guessed "bigger, louder, more expansive" etc... and in this case, you'd be right. But would you ever imagine a group of choral singers shouting "Revolution!" -- I like this new direction, even if it's moving in all of them.

Keep keeping us on our toes, Mr. Wolf. You're hitting the nail on the head. The Bachelor is out June
I guess I am floating (where you can also download the song)

here is also vulture. the first single from the record

I am so in love with his new album (even though I havent heard all of it yet!) that with the sole exception of sleep all I do is listen to the few songs I have managed to download from it.

I have talked about bandstocks on the blog before and how he is releasing this album with the funding of his fans, and how disappointed I was that I found myself unable to invest since I am a non-uk resident. But they fixed it! It is now possible to invest even as a non-uk citizen. You just sign up on his website right here. I even got a paypal account just for this. I am such a hardcore fan.

but fuck. no wonder. he is such a genious.