torsdag den 30. juli 2009


som jeg elsker damir doma!

SS10 - PALAIS DE TOKYO from Damir Doma on Vimeo.

I want to curl up next to anyone of these boys.
det kribler i magen.


I really feel like writing bookreviews here. I have read so much over the summer, but problem is, what I read is mostly in norwegian and I dont even know if these guys have been translated to the english. I am therefore thinking that I could start writing bookreviews in norwegian and perhaps translate parts to english. afterall norwegian is my native language and the language I am most comfortable with. do we have any readers that understand norwegian?

onsdag den 29. juli 2009

bianchi plus acne = bike

Cute and classy/classic is all I have to say about this bike.

I love how Acne doesn't put the foot down. They want to do it all and they do it, as easy as that. No one can tell them no.


I think something new has to happen for my hair.

Getting tired of the bangs. Although they have always been a huge part of me.

Photo: Anne Valstad Erichsen / stekepanne

I am considering several different options.

Getting rid of my bangs (but how to do this? cant just cut them off either):

Photo: Amlul

or getting a 90s cut like this

Photo: Shit and Chanel

or this

Photo: found on norwegian dj and photographer Marthe Elises facebook. Her blog here.

Its raining

I have to pee real bad. Instead I blog these youtubevideos.

Boas showed me this funny video earlier

I also really liked the sneezing panda

Veronica B. Vallenes

I like it when norwegians do good.

Just like Melanie like it when the faroese do good. (I also like it when the faroese do good)

And right now both the faroese Barbara i Göngini and the norwegian Veronica B Vallenes seem to be doing a pretty fair job in Copenhagen at least. (I'm not even there, I just read some danish fashionblogs).

These pictures of the norwegian designer Veronica B Vallenes have been borrowed from anywho.

Perhaps it's not something new entirely, but definitely something I would like to wear.

The shoes here look like shoes I have been drooling over
over at fourthandbleeker before.
so badly that I bought the first and best 90s geometric shoes I could find in a secondhandshop.
They were white. I wore them once.

Alice in Wonderland

March 2010 can not come soon enough.

It looks like the girl from In Treatment is Alice. Excellent casting.

onsdag den 22. juli 2009



Directed by Paul Schrader.


lørdag den 18. juli 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are, the film adaptation of the Maurice Sendak 1963 children’s book of the same name. The film is directed by Spike Jonze.

mandag den 6. juli 2009

sin fang bous

sin fang bous is the soloproject of the leadsinger of seabear.
I was one of few people attending one of seabears first concerts ever,
(I was at work in the coffeehouse Babalú in Reykjavik)
I came over to them and told them they were my new favourite band
I think they told me in reply that I was their first fan

long story very short:
I <3 sindris mind
(his art, voice, melodies and texts)

with sin fang bous he makes/playes everything by himself

Eat the young, taste the blood
They don't know a thing about us
Shake their bones, throw them out
We make something new out of things lost

I will be the lumberjack and you will be the tree

If you go chasing rabbits and you know you've gone too far
The lines in your hands are the map to show you where you are

I will be the boat and you will be the sea

And if you would find feelings where should be none
Bury them deep before you do something that can't be undone

I will be the fire and you will be the home

Any fluke just might damn off the look those eyes will see
A cold wind's blowing, the cold wind that came with me

I will be the forest and you will be the dead tree

Eat the young, taste the blood
Stab the night with water knives
Shake their bones let them know that there are rodents in their eyes

I will be the lumberjack and you will be the tree

søndag den 5. juli 2009

terminator II

I just watched terminator II for the first time. I cant believe those movies have passed me by. I am looking forward to seeing the other terminator movies (although my expectations for the last one are not so high).

when watching terminator II I found Sarah Connor to be such an inspiration.
what an amazing woman.

the glasses she wears here

are somewhat similar to the glasses werner herzog wears in mister lonely

I would love to have a pair of these myself.