tirsdag den 20. juli 2010

norwegian girls / part II : julia fjelddalen

Julia Fjelddalen is a girl I randomly stumbled upon on Flickr or maybe Phiary some time back. I think she resides in Bergen, Norway and attends art school there. Her pictures fascinates me, especially these ones with their slørete easy breazyness.
Elsker hennes estetiske sans! (I love her sense of beauty)

see more of her great pictures here.


Carin Wester A/W 2010

(pictures borrowed from style.dk)

torsdag den 1. juli 2010

norwegian girls / part I: anne-stine bae

I am gonna start a "series" on the blog where I focus on talented norwegian girls.
if you think I am forgetting someone, please let me know!

anne-stine bae is a norwegian 24 year old girl living in Copenhagen. she has been a student of fashion design at BEC school of fashion. now she works as a (freelance) stylist and a coffee barista at one of my favourite cafés; the coffee collective in jægersborgsgade.

I really like what she is doing. hope she gets to work lots for norwegian magazines too.

these pictures are from the editorial: beauty of silence.
Photographed by Oliver Stalmans | Styled by Anne-Stine Bae
Hair by Nicolas Eldin | Make Up by Helene Vasnier | Model Sophie Vlaming, Viva Paris

check out more work of hers on her website.

six different ways

quirky version:

jean cocteau / and why one should learn french and german

read a couple of his plays a few weeks ago when I was in sweden, and I cant wait to read more. too bad that not everything he wrote has been translated from french. I guess I just have to learn french (again).
one of the plays I read was this one: the human voice. here acted by ingrid bergman

this is a different documentary than the one I posted before.. this one is called jean cocteau - autobiography of an unknown artist. it is very very good. I love this guy.

the main reasons to learn french:
to read christophe honorés books
to read antonin artaud
to read jean cocteau

main reasons to learn german:
to be able to listen to thepodcast Im Sumpf from FM4 (subscribe in itunes)
to read the michael ende things that hasnt been translated
to listen to german rapgroup: blumentopf
to read christian kracht
to watch top notch theaterperfomances
to listen to poet/musician/greatnessguy: peter licht

(most of these german tips come from my good friend leander)

feel free to make similar lists in the comments-field. more reasons to learn french/german/another language?

leander adds the following reasons to learn german: Thomas Bernhard, Friedrich Nietzsche, Einstürzende Neubauten, Texta, Werner Herzog, Ulrich Seidl, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Burg Theater Wien, Volksbühne Berlin, Die Sendung ohne Namen, Element of Crime.
(however; Herzog, Fassbinder and Seidl are possible to get translated)

hats at paris fashion week

jens at style.dk made this compilation of where the designers probably got their inspirations. very nice! I love the outfit of the guy in the soliedo-hat (the guy himself is also totally hot). the angry warversion of a charlie chaplin lookalike at the bottom is great too.

treat yourself to the best

is a great blog.

one of the two guys behind the blog also has a website.
he writes and creates such brilliant things.

here are some of the things he has made that I like the most: