søndag den 21. marts 2010

willy wonka and the chocolate factory

the old charlie and the chocolate factory movie is less entertaining than the tim burton version, in my opinion. however there was one very, very nice scene:

I am a born liar

a very interesting movie about fellini

those companies that go around the internet making things disappear (deleting youtube videos, even innocent trailers!) havent really understood the power of internetmarketing.

jeg satt fast som baby.

ja, jeg satt fast inni mamma. jeg ville visst ikke ut og hadde slått armen rundt hodet slik at jeg skulle ta mest mulig plass og være vanskelig å trykke ut. fødselen varte nesten et døgn. til sist tok de i bruk tang og sugekopp. da jeg kom ut var hodet mitt ganske deformert av sugekoppen. mamma gråt fordi jeg var så stygg. legen sa: slapp av, hun vil være så god som ny om en to ukers tid. også la de meg inntil mammas silikonbryst.

jeg fikk kanskje en litt humpete start,
men det har da gått oppover siden

sier jeg til meg selv

what I have on

posting an extremely bloggish post.
todays outfit:

hat, armband & glasses: second hand
ring & jacket: acne
cardigan: ann-sofie back
dress: dark shadow by rick owens
shoes: martin margiela MM6
scarf: kathrine de place bjørn

lørdag den 20. marts 2010

Ma mere

by my favourite director, Christophe Honoré,
people either love this movie or hate it.
I havent quite decided yet.
I think it is possible that it is horribly great.

I do like his newer movies better though..

onsdag den 10. marts 2010

Nausicaä and the valley of the wind

Watched this last night, it gave me the longest goosebumps-shiver I have experienced in ages. I am very much dreading till the day when I have watched all the Miyazaki movies. Watching them for the first time is such a magic experience. One I have left which I am saving for a special occation is Howl's Moving Castle.

tirsdag den 9. marts 2010

Rick Roderick

My good friend Leander tipped me about this great philosopher:
Rick Roderick

You can download three of his TTC lectures through the link above.
The three are
-Nietzsche and the Post-Modern Condition
-Self Under Siege - Philosophy in the 20th Century
-Philosophy and Human Values

Here is an interview with him about "critical theory":


Moonface (Spencer Krug) released his Dreamland EP: Marimba And Shit-Drums in 2009. It consists of 1 song which is 20 minutes long. The lyrics to the song are based on his own dreams. You can read the lyrics and his dream diary and post your own dreams on his beautiful website (snapshot above). Here you can check out the song on spotify. I recommend reading the lyrics while listening.

If you like Spencer Krug you could also check out his other projects; Sunset Rubdown, Frog Eyes, Swan Lake, Wolf Parade.