onsdag den 23. september 2009

dark young hearts

I am listening to it for the first time as we speak,
and immediately fell for this song:

will bring a review later when I have heard the whole thing through.

lørdag den 19. september 2009

Trash Humpers

Harmony Korines new movie Trash Humpers excerpts:

and trailer:

A Single Man by Tom Ford

Designer Tom Ford is debuting as a director. The trailer is oh-so beautiful and makes me long to see this movie, badly. Sorry for the cropping, maybe you should click it to view the whole thing.

Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds) Interview

Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds) Interview | Movie Interview (click this link to see the video interview)

I am so charmed by this actor. He did such an amazingly good job in Inglourious Basterds. If you haven't seen this movie yet, you should definitely go do it. I want to see it again and again and again. I also cant wait to see Christoph Waltz in other movies. What a talent!

asian recommendation

onsdag den 16. september 2009

was I? are you?

there is a possibility that you might not find this any good
but I love it. his lyrics, his style. BARR.

interview here:

In the midst of tripping out about everything
I realized I don't know what I'm doing.
Tried to hit, I mean, hit the town like a ton of bricks.
Hit a few sparks a little too hard, maybe it was too much,
A little bit uncomfortable,
A little bit sad.
Kind of, I mean, it was, but, a little bit confusing, even sort of mad but,
Still kind of amped on the drum and ambiguity .
I don't know how to do this so I'll be upfront.
I'm kind of worthless right now, due to circumstance,
As anything more than a person just to sleep with.
I can't be a boyfriend but I promise to be a considerate one-night stand.
Well, I said that once and it really didn't work
Even though I meant it but I guess I don't really know anyone who wants to hear that.
Well, maybe, I don't really mean it
'Cause I like people too much
Even if what I have to offer is not really enough or anything more than
You say you don't care
Your needs are pretty much the same.
You really don't want to date.
You really just want to hang out.
You two don't get attached
And I just can't either.
Okay great but it seems too good and I feel a need to reassert that the, uh, you know, my batteries are drained
And goods are damaged, mine, I'm in need of that and that.
Maybe this whole thing I did was naive and hurtful to approach you but
It really seems like you're not tripping but then
I start seeing stuff that's kind of not even there.
I'm bugging out, like,
Hey, what's up?
Um, I know it's casual but, uh,
Are you screwing my friend?
Um, wait, I guess it's all okay, we're all friends and, so, uh, you know,
We're all just friends
But if you two are doing it, I wonder, like,
Is he asking the same?
I'm sorry, though. It's really none of my business. You could d- oh, you're not even doing that?
Okay, no, you wouldn't. I'm sorry. Nevermind. Um, okay, uh.

he also made a book you can buy here

another interview here

I show my appreciation for his "the song is the single" here

buy BARRs latest album Summary here

torsdag den 3. september 2009


is the name of my favourite author of the moment.

Frank Lande has written 2 books and is working on another that might come next fall. I am not sure if any of his books are available in english, but I hope they will be at some point.

I started out with his most recent book, Intervjuer, a book full of interviews basically. In the beginning I thought they were real-life interviews, but after reading a couple I realized they were probably purely fictional. They were so spot-on, specially the interview with the two girls who discuss the problem of emotional and cuddly men. I was laughing out loud more than once. The last interview is with a girl who is afraid of flying and she talks about how depressed people or people with anxiety are basically just really, really selfish. I wont reveal the ending of that interview which I found particularly clever, but the author seems to be discussing the issue of selfishness in both of his books. How these times we live in make us naturally more and more self-focused and narcissistic.

His first book is called Frank Lande (like himself) and is dealing with such a tragic issue as loosing a family member in an accident. He has written the book backwards sort of, with each chapter going back in time. Even if the book is basically about the loss of someone near/dear, it is excellently funny and sharp. Frank's stay at the mental hospital, and the part where he accidentally hits Bertine Zetlitz are so fun and cleverly written. I also loved the part where he randomly saves Kim Hiorthøys life in Barcelona, and Kim Hiorthøy in return lets him in on his secret of productivity: cloning, so Frank clones himself in order for the clone to hang out with his girlfriend and friends, while he is at home writing and making music.

I also just love the way he phrases himself: At some point he is (loosely translated from my head) "sitting down and looking around, on the chair, on the table he usually put things on so he doesn't have to bend all the way down to the floor each time he needs something," and he is wondering what the hell he is doing. Here he is being apathetic and depressed straight after his brothers tragic death, but the description of the table just made me laugh out loud. It was so random. Perhaps I am easily amused and you wont find it a tad funny.

Well, anyhow, if you understand norwegian and this sounds interesting to you, you should try picking up one of his books. Inteviews can be bought through Flamme Forlag here and the other one, Frank Lande, is probably either in your bookshop, somewhere on the internet or at your local library. You can read one of his interviews here to get a feeling of the tone in the book. Quite refreshing, I'd say.

For the rest of you, lets hope these books will be translated into your language! They are great fun and probably the best and most spot-on reads I have had all year.

planning a trip to stocholm

to visit my good friend ALBIN who started an acting school I wish I had started too.
I did have an audition there, I just never showed up. :/

and to get a hold of these shoes: