tirsdag den 9. december 2008


after flickr got really messy and ugly, I have been looking for something smarter and more aestetically pleasing place to upload my pictures.

I have seen Phiary.com in use for a while, but havent really started appreciating it until very recently. I sent a request a while ago for an invitation through their page, but that didnt pay off, really. it is still in test-mode before they let more people in.

today I got in touch with one of the (norwegian) people behind to ask for an invitation, got a positive reply and within the evening (or some time soon) I think my phiary will be up and running. hopefully.


I believe this will encourage for daily photography. sweden has had something similar to this for ages. bilddagboken.se, but it is ugly as fuck.

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GAIA sagde ...

ha ha ha Jannicke. "ugly as fuck"

jannicke sagde ...