lørdag den 7. marts 2009

"you are not a fashion blogger, are you?"

"emm.. well. I blog about different things. sometimes fashion, sometimes music, sometimes movies or other things on my mind or inspiring to me."
"ok. well. good. cause if you were a fashion blogger that would be pathetic."

I see his point to some extent because there are a lot of blogs out there like : "I bought this black pantyhose today and then I bought icecream...blabla." ..yep, who the fuck cares, anyway? but there are also some really, really nice fashion blogs out there written by some very intelligent people making fashion and clothes a science and an art.

therefore; in my world, blogging about fashion is not as pathetic as it is in his world.
and I will now show you the latest material additions to my happiness.

I went for a day/shoppingtrip to stockholm. It was the first time I was in town when stores were open. I figured out that the only place I really "needed" to be was inside this house called the PUB-house, where I could find a lot of things of interest. me and my friend walked a little around town and went into a few shops (doing some touristy-things as well) but all in all mostly everything I bought was from this house. even more specifically the store called aplace on 3.floor. in the same floor there was also a very nice café which served me a delicious lambchopslunch (very cheap). it looked like it was the place to be during a friday for lunchtime, and a lot of stockholms most fashionable people were gathered here. fashionable businesspeople/designers talking on the phone, with their computers, and then walking amongst eachothers tables like they were all there on one big fashion-business meeting. people were inspecting eachother/analyzing eachothers styling and outfits. having been living in a quiet town up north in sweden since the middle of august, all of this made me extremely uncomfortable and I made all the wrong social codex mistakes. I felt clumpsy/self-conscious and under surveillance. at some point a whole fashion-table looked at me at the same time, and walking from the bathroom to our table suddenly felt problematic. at the same time as seeing all these wonderfully inspiring/welldressed people all at the same time made my heart jump for joy, it also made me realize that it is okey to be without this. to live in a quiet town where this is not everyday occurences. their tempos with their iphones and their computers and their eyes and their outfits felt foreign to me. both welcome and hungered after, but also far from my reality somehow. the obsession of being important. perhaps I cant explain it any better than this.

the fashion world is both intriguing and repulsive
and I think this love/hate relationship that I have to it is what makes me so curious.

enough small talk
here is what I bought
an ann-sofie back cardigan that twists nicely when on

a fifth avenue shoe repair dress that I think will look nice and be very comfortable during summer

an our legacy t-shirt that somewhat resembles my favourite acne t-shirt that has gone missing

an our legacy short sweater with an interesting back

two second hand t-shirts with animals on them that I liked

this one has paintstains making it extra trashy

a bodysock from american apparel

and some basics: bikini, body, fingercutoff vanter, headband & some underwear

regretting not having bought this (which were the reason for buying all the american apparel band/bra's):
a fifth avenue shoe repair dress that had a lot of fabric and draping

a nakkna tanktop (that luckily can be bought in their webshop)

aand, this jacket right here.

and while I am at it, this is a very nice webshop: trés bien shop

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Gabriel sagde ...

I totally agree with you on this whole fashion blog thingie. First it's a personal thing, you post your impressions and looks going around in your head. It's an extension from a diary, a digital memory box so to say. I appreciate the people who fill their blogs with soul, passion and news. (and fresh looks)

Love the stuff in your shopping bag, especially the t-shirts.

Will you be in cph for distortion?
have a great weekend my dear

ed sagde ...



GAIA sagde ...

fdshfkda fhskjghfdjk fhsjkhfdkj. fhdsjfhkja. dhahfjksdfh.

the black our legacy tops are so good.