onsdag den 29. juli 2009


I think something new has to happen for my hair.

Getting tired of the bangs. Although they have always been a huge part of me.

Photo: Anne Valstad Erichsen / stekepanne

I am considering several different options.

Getting rid of my bangs (but how to do this? cant just cut them off either):

Photo: Amlul

or getting a 90s cut like this

Photo: Shit and Chanel

or this

Photo: found on norwegian dj and photographer Marthe Elises facebook. Her blog here.

3 kommentarer:

Júlía sagde ...

I support this... grow out our bangs lady, won't be that hard, they're already long! maybe get a hairdressers help with shaping them a little so they'll look better when growing out?

maybe try a lighter color too? i like cuts number 1 and 3 :) good luck!

Júlía sagde ...

our = your

Spug sagde ...

90s cut