onsdag den 29. juli 2009

Veronica B. Vallenes

I like it when norwegians do good.

Just like Melanie like it when the faroese do good. (I also like it when the faroese do good)

And right now both the faroese Barbara i Göngini and the norwegian Veronica B Vallenes seem to be doing a pretty fair job in Copenhagen at least. (I'm not even there, I just read some danish fashionblogs).

These pictures of the norwegian designer Veronica B Vallenes have been borrowed from anywho.

Perhaps it's not something new entirely, but definitely something I would like to wear.

The shoes here look like shoes I have been drooling over
over at fourthandbleeker before.
so badly that I bought the first and best 90s geometric shoes I could find in a secondhandshop.
They were white. I wore them once.

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