tirsdag den 10. juni 2008


the reason why I choose to post this could be either
-because I think the shirt is beautiful
-because I think the girl is marvellous
-because I like the mood in the pictures
-because one of my best friends (read:ex-bf) designed it

it could also be all of the above.
here it is.

5 kommentarer:

Gaia Melanie sagde ...

i'm so exited to see his collection.
The shirt is wonderful

jannicke sagde ...

yes. I am excited about seeing more too. I will be working for mundi next fashion week. the plan is that they will have a showroomthingy together if boas has something to show at the time. sure do hope so. I saw this shirt in real life and it was beautiful on him. very much so.

Gaia Melanie sagde ...

Oh, thats so exiting, Jannicke. The fashion week in August or? I WILL COME!

Britz sagde ...


jannicke sagde ...

yes, this fashion week. :) but it kind of knocks with a festival in norway I was planning on attending. some friends of mine are playing there, and I promised to come..

I dunno. it will be a bit hectic moving from cph end of july, going home to norway to spend a few days there before being here again (without an apartment) and then being here a few days and going back to norway, and then moving to umeå after a week or so! ahh.. if only I flew.

I have to start flying.

håkon. ja, det synes i grunn jeg også.
også er hun så pen jenta på bildene.. ekte nordisk skjønnhet. :)