torsdag den 19. juni 2008

I'll be your ghost

I was cleaning up in my room
and found this really old polaroid under lots of stuff.
I think I had hidden it from myself.
now I find it kind of funny how I look like a ghost.
also since melanie posted a post about that collection
(comme des garcons)
I thought I would post this.
and yes, I know its on wrong.

I look like I haven't slept for a week.

this is from the shoot.
I look like a boy.

I dont know.
perhaps both of these are perfect examples of how I normally look
nobody/very few can be objective with their own appearance.

3 kommentarer:

nu nu attitude sagde ...

i love that shoot. i want to see the rest of the photos

Gaia Melanie sagde ...

Like a boy, Jannicke? HA HA HA HA HA HA.
You look incredibly beautiful, like always and forever!

#2 sagde ...

we used to be best buddies at myspace.

jag heter viktor, eller typ agnes där. eller jag vet inte längre.

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