tirsdag den 11. november 2008

randy and my take on them

one of my all-time favourite bands RANDY, came to play here last weekend. after having had a pause for a couple of years they are now playing lots of shows around sweden. even though it was the 5. or 6. time I saw them live, it felt like something completely new this time. perhaps because I thought devastatingly they wouldnt play any more shows and was angry as fuck when I realized I couldnt come watch their "last" show in Umeå when they played Umeå Open in 2006. (I was stuck in Iceland..afraid of flying). but now a couple of years later, in Umeå, I got to see them again and it was THE concert of the year. at least.

I have made a few coverversions of two of their songs. one can be found on my myspace. and another I have put here for free downloading

I dont necessarily think my covers do them any justice so I think you should listen to the original songs in stead.

here are a couple of musicvideos with them, (although not the ones I have covered)

I have talked to some guys up here that play real instruments about making a coverband (for fun), playing randy covers. I hope I get the time to go through with it. right now school is up to my ears.

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