søndag den 23. november 2008

Sarah Kane

for some reason her darkness reminds me of xiu xiu's darkness.
perhaps he has read/seen her plays.

tomorrow I am going to the library to get a hold of her 5 plays. I will have read at least one of them by tuesday. we have chosen to do our projectexam on her. I do feel like it will be quite interesting, but I also see the challenge. we have previously both acted out and made a shortfilm about the play in question during these classes I take in drama-theatre-film. now it will be quite interesting to figure out how to portray her the best, particularly because of her raging darkness and the complexity of portraying this realistically (rape, torture, death, violence, masturbation).

one person in my group has his own studio, and he makes/made a lot of music in the 90s (komeda). he seemed to have an idea surrounding music. anyhow. I am intrigued and cant wait to take on the task.

some excerpts here:
1995 Blasted

1996 Phaedras love

1997 Skin (10 minutes only, for tv)

1998 Cleansed

1998 Crave

2000 4.48 Psychosis

more on her and her plays here

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