mandag den 10. december 2007

handle her?

robyn is wonderful. when I first truly fell in love with her voice and her music and her lyrics was while being on a bus between reykjavik and hafnarfjurdur in 2005. of course I had heard of her and her music for many, many years, and I always admired her as a person (having watched interviews with her on norwegian and swedish music tv-shows), but not before that busride while on my way to hafnarfjurdur did her voice and her music get to me. I can not remember why it was on my ipod, but somehow it was, and it was perfect. this trip to hafnarfjurdur was something I practised regularly and every time I would listen to robyn while driving through the pretty, pretty landscape, and houses. so therefore when I hear these songs, I am taken back to my very happy days living in iceland. being on that bus. alone. just me, robyn, the bus, the landscape. good times.

a few days ago I stumbled upon robyns new videos along with her "new" (old now really, but new to me), & extremely beautiful ballad version of be mine.

have a look at the gorgeously styled video where robyn is wearing jeremy scotts crazy creations while inventingly climbing around inside boxes. it is very hot. very hot indeed.

Robyn - Handle me

Robyn has also very recently released an alternate version with a video for her "be mine" song. so now there exists two videos for the song. it is an interesting thing to do. very smart. wise girl that robyn, or the people around and behind her. she's got great taste as well. notice her hair, dress and shoes at the beginning. flawless. the dress is made by Nhu Duong (which is attending or has attended Beckmans School of Design).

Robyn - Be Mine

I will also toss in the video to with every heartbeat, which is a wonderful, wonderful song.

while we're at it. here is Be Mine in a ballad version.

I have also, since I was 12, (and accidentally had cut my hair in the exact same hairdo as robyns), been told I look very much like her. I somehow unintentionally managed to change my hairdos for several years and years so they would exactly look like hers. I remember finding that troubling. it was not like i went to the hairdresser and said: make me look like robyn. it just happened. i got a cut, next time i saw her on tv, she had the same. strangely enough. and i doubt that my hairdressers did it on purpose either.. well who knows. perhaps they did. I turned dark when I was 18, and havent really heard it since. in a way I miss it. her hairdo as of now is rad. and i love it. makes me actually want to cut my hair like hers again. but for the first time, on purpose.

(I found this picture on the blog of the director of many of her videos: Fredrik Skogkvist)

It turns out as inspecting youtube closer, that there are alternate versions to almost all her videos. go have a look yourself if you are even more curious. different videos for different market segments. wise girl. again. very wise.

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