mandag den 10. december 2007

love will tear us apart

yes it will.
and this video and this version of this song is true brilliance.

I can not explain to you in words how much I adore this video's maker (director/camera/edit), the multiartist, Kim Hiorthøy.
(he has written one of my favourite books, he makes the most wonderful music, he is a graphic designer, a director, a performance artist, artist. you name it. and he does it all well even. I will probably get back to him more later. he is what sets the shingingly bright example of: "yes you can do it all".)

but onwards about the song.
sung and interpreted by the wonderful Susanna & the Magical Orchestra.

oh those norwegians, those norwegians. they sure know how to do it.
and before i get too cocky,
I will just shut up and bring you this treat of a song.

btw. joy divisions love will tear us apart is a well covered song, with many lovely interpretations.

worth mentioning are also:
-nouvelle vague's version
-worm is green's interpretation of it
-in my library there was also one by calexico, but I am not so sure if that one is worth mentioning after all.
-and then you should listen to the recent remix of the original song. the remix by arthur baker.

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