fredag den 30. maj 2008


I do not know what I would do without my mac or the internet. I don't even remember life before the internet. Was there life on earth? Did I actually exist before the the internet came? For all I know we all started to live when the internet hit the planet.
Well, maybe I'm overreacting a tiny bit. But seriously, modern technology is so incredible.
But anyway, today I bought this amazing curly lamb fur coat on sale for half the price (HURRAY) and i'm going to invest in some Azzedine Alaia and Ann Demeulemeester boots next month (june). It will look SO well together.


(Azzedine Alaia)

(Ann Demeulemeester combat boots)

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jannicke sagde ...

haha! <3

I have the exact same thoughts about the internet.
one thing I do remember before I became a nerd was that I definetely did better in school! :P

but before the internet, there were computergames such as Commander Keen and early The Sims, and before that there were dos-computer games such as Dangerous Dave.

and on the side I had all the nintendos. from scratch until gamecube. there was always something..

I guess once a nerd, always a nerd.

now I will watch a movie before I hit the sack and get up REALLY early to continue my second year project tomorrow morning.


Gaia Melanie sagde ...


Ha ha ha, but it's so true. I don't remember anything about life before the internet, ha ha. However I do remember LOVING nintendo and always going to my neighbour to play with his Nintendo cos my parents wouldn't buy me one. But I did have a gameboy. Fuck, I LOVED it. I actually found it a few weeks ago and started to play with it. it was so much fun. I think I will carry it around with me again. Whenever I'm bored I'll just take it out of my purse, ha.

Sov godt, elskling.

Anonym sagde ...

but i can't find it anywhere!?
any advise?
i NEED one!

GAIA sagde ...
Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.
GAIA sagde ...

Alexander you can buy it here: OR