søndag den 18. maj 2008

When you can't sleep..

Well, usually I don't go to sleep till very late. I don't like sleeping. If I were to chose I would max sleep 3 hours per day. I just love the night. I love everything about it. The day is great but the night is something else. The night is when you get loose and do wild things. Or just have late night talks with your good friend. Oh, how I love the night.
Hmm, where am I going with this? Oh yes, usually when i'm up late and wondering about I go to youtube to look for videos and new inspiration and getting exited over new finds on the internet. This being mostly art, design, fashion, great layout or some new amazing band you come across. But then there are times were I just look through youtube and enjoy things like this:

I love this song. And I love Joy Division. I recently saw the movie about Ian Curtis and Joy Division and it was surprisingly really good. The acting was amazing and the mood was just how it should be. Very sad but very true.
A week ago I saw a documentary about them were this guy says: "They didn't become rockstars because they wanted to become famous, they did it cos they had no other fucking choice". I think it says it all.

From the movie about Joy Division

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