onsdag den 28. maj 2008


ok, I admit it. I am a real geek.
I saw the helvetica movie for the first time yesterday.
hadnt gotten around to it before,
and I loved it.

I love typography,
I love graphic design.
(although I am aware, one cant really tell judging by this blog.. :)

I stumbled upon this page, whose graphic design I absolutely adore.
I love the concept of the page allthought I am not sure I agree and that it works properly yet.
some of the things scoring high are straight up ugly.

anyhow. the page who has won all-time prettiest is one called
I dont agree it is the prettiest/best designed one, but darned is it nice with all those pretty typography.

I am not so up to date when it comes to what is hot in typography,
but I really really like the one called DTL Nobel in big letters.

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