torsdag den 15. maj 2008


So I just bought "Science of Sleep" by Michel Gondry. I can't wait to see it. It looks amazing and it's said to be amazing aswell.
God, there is nothing as the feeling like going out of a movie theater and feeling like you're floating in the air. That's how I feel after seing a really good movie. So I thought I would share my feeling with you.

Michel Gondry's "Science of Sleep"

Michel Gondry's "Be kind rewind" that I also really wan't to see but it hasn't come out yet. Well, I mean on DVD.

Now that we are in the whole movie thing here I think I should mention that I can't wait to see Harmony Korine's new movie "Mister Lonely". I'm a big fan of Mr. Korine and this movie is said to be pretty funny. And if you think of Harmony's work it's not really that uplifting, if you know what I mean. It's pretty harsh, pretty tough. So it's going to be interesting to see a new genre from him. The trailer looks so good aswell, aaaaah. And you can't go wrong with Diego Luna, Samantha Morton and Dennis Lavant. Plus his wife, Rachel Korine, is also in the movie as red riding hood.

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jannicke sagde ...

this is why movies are the best. great post melanie. I havent gotten around to see the science of sleep. I have been saving it up. but seeing the trailer made me realize it has to be sooner rather than later that I see it.

Gaia Melanie sagde ...

I totally agree. Movies are the best. As I said there is nothing like the feeling you have from seeing an amazing movie. I'm smiling right now, he.
We have to see so many movies when I move to CPH. Cinemateket here we come.