mandag den 26. maj 2008

divine remix and the eurovision contest

ahh.. this is such a wonderful remix.
and the guys who remixed it, midnight juggernauts (yet another wonderful australian band), are going to the hove festival that I wrote about earlier.. I am so excited about that festival. the lineup is amazing.

with the courtesy of I borrowed this:
Midnight Juggernauts remix of Sebastian Telliers - Divine

I voted for Sebastian Tellier on saturday, and I had a wonderful time watching the melody grand prix (eurovision) song contest.
it was wonderful mostly because of the company I was with, and I haven't hanged out watching tv in several years (no kidding. I dont have a tv). but it was also a wonderful evening because of some funny elements in the show itself.

1. the swedish tv reporter who were to give the results from sweden.

2. sebastian tellier

3. the spanish song (hmm.. now that I found the english subtitles I am not so sure anymore really..)

4. the boasnia song (what is up with hanging up clothes?)

5. the guy who was skating around in the russian song (!)

-the azerbaijan song with the angelwings and all,
-the finnish song; just because
-the latvian song: because of the pirate-theme they had going there.

nice: norway came in 5.

I dont like the song much, and very much not the girl who made it and wrote it (mira craig) who I had the "pleasure" of meeting when I was working in the sushi restaurant in iceland. I cant remember exactly what she said other than that it was utterly silly. I was in iceland and hadn't really heard of her, she therefore started to explain to me how famous she was in norway and how famous she was going to be other places in the world, and she was basically: bragging! I am not too impressed by bragging and therefore found it a little painful to talk to her. after she came home from iceland, where she had recorded a musicvideo, she played a show in norway, stagedived and no one was there to hold her, so she got severely hurt. poor thing. (this is not ironic. I actually felt really sorry for her when I heard about it.)

the stagedive:

the musicvideo she made in iceland which I am not the biggest fan of:

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