lørdag den 26. april 2008


Cat Power (born Charlyn Marie Marshall) is a singer/songwriter known for her minimalist style and ethereal vocals. She has released 8 albums to date and in my opinion their all great. She's also knows for having a troubled past with alcohol and drugs but says she's now sober and happy she got out of it.
Cat Power's voice, is to me, fragile but strong in the same time. She has a beautiful and poetic thing about her and the way she sings. She's a great artist and has obviously great taste aswell, as you can see in her music videos - the people she choses to work with; including Harmony Korine, which is one of my favorite movie directors.
Not to mention that she was/is Karl Lagerfeld's muse and is said to be the face of Chanel and has graced the cover of I-D Magazine.

Here is a video of hers directed by Harmony Korine

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