mandag den 28. april 2008, the norwegians both can and will.

Siv Støldals smart design mixes safety and functionality in this collection called High Visibility (SS 08), that makes you just that, very visible. We norwegians like it like that. Functional and safe. (It goes way back..)

I kind of like these videos that show the collection. Especially the part with the fire extinguisher at the end of the first one, and the part inside the apartment in the second.

In her Cover Up collection AW 07/08, she made these wonderful jackets that you've probably seen/heard of that can be made into tents. They can even be buttoned together, so if a whole group of friends have these jackets you can make one enormous tent that will fit you all. Brilliant.

Yet again, perfect for us norwegians that might get a sudden urge to go camping somewhere..

I am still highly in love with her AW 07/08 collection, and like I have said before, my imaginary boyfriend has all the outfits from that collection. (old news, but still. ahh..)

If you live in Copenhagen you can buy her stuff in the Henrik Vibskov store.
If you live somewhere else, you could always buy it online from, for instance, KronKron (they have her stuff from AW 07/08). If you are going to buy stuff from KronKron you should do it very quickly because of the icelandic krona that went down the drain not too many weeks ago, and before inflation sets in fully and they adjust their prices thereafter, you could probably do quite a scoop on their website. They actually have a lot of wonderful stuff..

And perhaps if we help the icelanders and buy a lot of shit from them we could actually help their economy get back on its feet! (Just a thought..)

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hejski sagde ...

Det kan også købes over og

jannicke sagde ...

så fint! jeg kunne ikke finne noe på, men på var det full treff.

der fantes det til og med en genser som gjøres om til en bag om man vil! :)

hejski sagde ...

My bad, de har åbenbart ændret hjemmeside navn siden sidst. Men de har da lidt :=)

Gaia Melanie sagde ...

amazing post Jannicke!