mandag den 25. maj 2009

Bergmanfestival & the act of acting

If only I was in Stockholm right now I would attend this seemingly brilliant festival, the Ingmar Bergman international theatre festival that starts now in a few days. Its filled with new and exciting theatre, film, (of course Bergman stuff) and concerts.

like the spunge I have become when it comes to theatre I would love to be there and suck in all of the expressions coming from the stage.

the festival has these tiny cute commercialvideos like this one

nothing is more appealing to me than the act of acting.
I have found what I want to do in life, yet I am going back to school to finish my last bachelor year in economics. one might wonder why. at least I do.

but in the absolute nearest future at least I get to do what I like.
in about 10 minutes I will leave to go to a studio where I will be recording a monologue for a friend of mine's short film. I am not in the film, just acting with my voice. I am supposed to be the voice of a young girl an old professor has a love affair with. the text is in swedish and very heavy/hard to pronounce and I have not practised at all. I guess I should do that for the next five minutes before I hurry there.

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