torsdag den 28. maj 2009

what makes pistachio nuts?*

these guys showed up in the mail today.
ordered them from nieves some weeks ago.
could actually nearly be a month since I ordered
but worth the wait!

it is the harmony korines book of photographies called pigxote
and the manuscript for mister lonely (that I needed for my assignment I am handing in on monday morning) one tiny issue though. the manuscript doesnt resemble the film that much. I havent read that many scripts and I know Harmony works a lot with improvisation, problem is, can the script then be basis for my analysis or do I only have to use what he used in the film? tricky question. I am guessing what is inside the movie is the most important.

*the title of this blogpost is the name of a script that got lost in one of Korines housefires. Pistachio is the name of a pig that can walk on walls and in ceilings. but the script got lost.

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