mandag den 25. maj 2009

Один день Ивана Денисовича

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenicyn

Just got this brilliant book with the post today. I can't wait to start reading it but thought I would share it with you guys first.

"The story is set in a Soviet labor camp in the 1950s, and describes a single day of an ordinary prisoner, Ivan Denisovich Shukhov.
It's publication was an extraordinary event in Soviet literary history—never before had an account of "Stalinist repression" been openly distributed."

read more about it here

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jannicke sagde ...

ahh, that title (in russian) makes me nearly orgasmic

you are so lucky to speak and understand russian melanie. and all of the other amazing languages you master.

i think this book has been made into a film aswell. or it might be another one. I have it in my external hardrive. it is by chris marker and called a day in the life of andreij something. (its probably a different story than this one..)

looks a bit heavy, the book.
I havent started reading classic russian books yet. (I saw a monologue by fjodor dostojevskij here in umeå that terrified me)