søndag den 3. maj 2009

patrick wolf / hard times / vulture / prepare to be flabbergasted

"Hard Times" gives us, if you can imagine, an even more theatrical Patrick Wolf. Here he manages to paint a picture for us the clearest he's ever been able, he might as well be standing center stage in a Broadway show delivering some direct monologue to the audience. It is what good theater should be: captivating, over the top, dramatically sitting at the cutting edge. I suppose if you had to imagine where Patrick Wolf would have taken his sound next you might have guessed "bigger, louder, more expansive" etc... and in this case, you'd be right. But would you ever imagine a group of choral singers shouting "Revolution!" -- I like this new direction, even if it's moving in all of them.

Keep keeping us on our toes, Mr. Wolf. You're hitting the nail on the head. The Bachelor is out June
I guess I am floating (where you can also download the song)

here is also vulture. the first single from the record

I am so in love with his new album (even though I havent heard all of it yet!) that with the sole exception of sleep all I do is listen to the few songs I have managed to download from it.

I have talked about bandstocks on the blog before and how he is releasing this album with the funding of his fans, and how disappointed I was that I found myself unable to invest since I am a non-uk resident. But they fixed it! It is now possible to invest even as a non-uk citizen. You just sign up on his website right here. I even got a paypal account just for this. I am such a hardcore fan.

but fuck. no wonder. he is such a genious.

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