søndag den 24. maj 2009


the amazingness of harmony korine

writing an assignment on mister lonely these days has got my head all filled with harmony korine.

what an inspiring artist he is.

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Leander Gussmann sagde ...

Fantastic Film. I saw this film the first time on my laptop (with earphones) on an early morning flight back from London. I felt very strange, as I was seated next to a "normal" nice older Lady that was watching the whole Film with me... she must have been very confused when we landed in Germany.

jannicke sagde ...

haha! I can imagine! its the kind of movie one would like to watch alone or among likeminded.

if you are interested, there is like a 2 hour interview with Korine on youtube, I think its also possible to find the part only relating to Gummo. the stories behind the movie are great.

they change in different interviews though. but still good and amusing stuff. amongst other things, after shooting the gay midget scene which was the last scene they shot the final day, Harmonys sister came to congratulate him on the wrap and give him a hug, he was such a mess that he threw her out through the window.