mandag den 25. maj 2009

should I?

copy pasting information and pictures from this website

What did they take? - Your Information

What did you give? - Your Information

What are you getting? - FEAR & TREMBLING


They divorced your identity from your consciousness.

A facebook profile page at a moment in time is unresponsive and inanimate.

But you WANT it to be CONCIOUS, you want it to be an accurate reflection of your IDEAL concious identity as it exists in REAL LIFE.

It will be BETTER than the REAL you and the UNREAL others.

And in YOUR struggle to re-unite the two, and animate your identity, you will feed it with information.


BUT you will never bring it back to life. You will never make it better. Nor will the others get better.

Your INFO prayers are SOLD.


Did you fall in love online?

Are you capable of powerful emotions in the real world?

Is that you? Is that an organisation pretending to be you? TO YOU?

Wake up?

my own thoughts on the issue:
have I fallen in love online? yes, as a matter of fact. several times.
in real life? yes that too.
am I aware that people seem nicer on the internet than in real life? yes.
does internet then resemble real life? no
but liking people based on their internetpresence cant be wrong, can it?
they could be great people IRL also. I choose to believe this.

but yes. fb, myspace and the like are identity "thiefs"
and more, the narrative identity.. before fb if someone were to ask, what is your favourite book? it wouldve taken me some time to think it over and answer. now its all built-in and I have readymade answers for such. but its not the books we like or the movies we like or the music we listen to that makes us who we are. or is it? has the internet narrowed it down to such?

identityissues and internetpresence has got me all confused. I wish I could delete facebook, but I think that is utterly impossible for me. IRL-jannicke and web2.0jannicke are merging. they might not be that different from eachother, or at least I dont want them to be. this is a complex issue. I couldnt just delete that part of me, I think.

if we say that our identity are made up of the several roles we play in social settings, then internetjannicke is one of IRLjannickes social roles, (without that meaning that I have a multiple personality disorder. this is again a postmodern theory on identity) which also should make the internet one just as true as the one I am in real life. or at least equally true as any of the other roles I consist of and that make up me.

go ahead, falsify me. I am writing this in a half sleeping state anyway.

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